Fabric is my medium.

My ongoing connection to the tactile quality of fabric and its potential to be transformed into objects both utilitarian and beautiful is undeniable. My love of fabric began at an early age as I played with needle, thread, and scraps from my mother’s sewing basket. My interest in quilting grew out of several decades of garment and home decorator sewing and a desire to preserve my mother’s embroidery work in small quilts and quilted pillows.

Creating quilts for the wall allows me to explore line, shape, value, color, pattern, and texture. This process satisfies my desire to work in solitude and fulfills my longing to create lasting and beautiful art. I am passionate about meticulous craftsmanship and obsessed with machine quilting that adds additional layers of character, texture, and structure to the composition.

As my eyes focus less on actual images and more on the infrastructure of my surroundings, my body of work has evolved from a representational to an abstract viewpoint.

Though I create art quilts for personal fulfillment, I experience a great sense of satisfaction when my work communicates at some level with the viewer.

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Click the arrow on the screen below to view a brief retrospective showing highlights of my work from 1996 – 2010.  Adjust volume to hear the audio track.

Early quilt photo images by the artist.