Have You Ever Hit “The Wall”?


Hitting “the wall” is no fun, whether it’s a literal or figurative version of the cliché. Ideas seem thwarted, and attempts to begin new work feel out of sync.  But it can be a learning experience and a kick-start to creating again.

After hitting the proverbial wall myself recently, I decided to stop the agonizing and change my course of action.  I pledged that by day’s end, I would have a small, simple composition pieced and hung on my design wall.

I chose seven fabrics in a range of hues and values and began to explore a distorted, elongated version of the line motif in my Sgabello Series.  After slicing, dicing, and assembling pieces of fabric, the composition achieved one-piece status by late evening.

Here is “Line Motif Study #7 (26” square), now quilted, finished, and the springboard to new work.  “The wall” has been shattered!

Photograph by the artist.  Click here to browse other news posts.

Line Motif Study 7_full