Joint Venture (post 1 of 2)


Joseph Trippetti is a dear friend and skilled artisan (click here to read more about him).  A few months ago, Joe and I agreed to a collaboration; each of us would choose one artwork from the other’s body of work and replicate the work in our own media.

Our materials of choice are extreme opposites.  Joe’s medium is enamel — sleek, smooth, cool to the touch, rigid, and fired in a kiln.  My medium is fiber — pieced and quilted with thread, warm to the touch, textural, and yielding.

These images show the results of our collaboration.

Joe’s tile, “Seawall #7” in enamel, and my replica in fiber.
Tile photo by Joseph Trippetti.  Quilt photo by the artist.

Click here to read more about Joe’s and my collaboration in the next post . . .

Seawall 7 Merged