Making a Great Impression . . . on Your Fabric


Those of us who work with fabric are always searching for innovative marking tools.  Too often, evidence of the marks is difficult or impossible to completely remove from the fabric.  And there is always the concern about how the myriad of marking substances will affect fabric over time.

My favorite new tool is the “Smooth Tracing Wheel” by Dritz.  Its ergonomic design reminds me of a mini rotary or pizza cutter — but with a dull blade.  Rolling the wheel over fabric leaves an impression on the fabric that marks a stitching or cutting line, or subtly divides an area into sections.

I could not find this tool in retail stores.  Click here to order it on-line:

Be sure to order the ergonomic design (green handle) with smooth wheel – not the wheel with serrated edges.

Photo by the artist.

Tracing Wheel